About Kitti

Welcome to my comfort zone! This is where I feel most at home, capturing images. I’ve searched my entire life for my passion. I’ve done a great many things and had a wonderful life. I was a rock n roll singer, an Engineering Psychologist, a Ranch Manager, a tennis player… well the list goes on and on… but it wasn’t until I started to pursue portrait photography that I realized it is the thing that gives me joy, that I can’t wait to do everyday.

I’m so grateful to my friends and clients who have allowed me the privilege of capturing a moment in their lives… a moment that will last forever. It will live on throughout their lives, the lives of their children and beyond. This is something really special, this is a gift and I want to share it with you.

Why did I choose to shoot womens’ portraits? Having struggled with self-image all of my life I understand in a very real way what that is like. I always thought my pictures looked better upside down! I hated to be photographed. So I picked up a camera… that way I was always behind, never in front of the camera. Woman are very special creatures, they give and give to everyone but themselves. Each of us has our own beauty, and seldom do we see in ourselves what others see. I want you to see how beautiful you are. I want to create a unique experience that is yours, because…

This time is all about you!

Kitti is the staff photographer for Society Social Calendar magazine, a sophisticated, photojournalistic legacy publication that reflects the heartbeat of the philanthropic community and the wonderful people who contribute their time and resources to our community.

Photo: Courtesy of Charlotte Starup Photography