Portrait Session with LisaLisaD1

I was asked by Shelia Fajl who owns an upscale beautiful jewelry boutique in the same complex where my studio is located to take a few pictures of an event being held at her store. Little did I know at the time I agreed to do it what was really in store for me!

I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing LisaLisaD1, who hosts a very popular YouTube channel. Many of her followers and subscribers came out to the event. Sheila had a great spread with Aja Vineyards and Karma Baker providing the refreshments. Jennifer Conejo expertly pampered and applied Lisa’s makeup for the party.  I was taking pictures all along, but then I thought, I should get Lisa into my studio and shoot some fashion inspired beauty portraits! I had no idea that she had never had a portrait done! We had so much fun. This is a quick peek at the session. Next time she is in town, we plan to do a full on portrait sitting! She is just a wonderful person!

To see the pictures from the event, go to the pixieset collection.