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Portrait Session

Let me design your customized session from beginning to end. I specialize in Contemporary Women’s Portraiture, which is  fashion and beauty inspired photo sessions designed for the everyday women. I will guide you through your session beginning with professional hair & makeup performed by a professional stylist(s). As part of my service, I will help you select pieces from your own wardrobe that will achieve the look you desire. At your photo shoot I will skillfully direct you to capture the amazing and  beautiful woman that is YOU! This is a luxurious day of unlimited laughs and pampering.

Contemporary Women’s Portraiture is about celebrating beauty and empowering women through contemporary glamour photography. We come in all types… the busy mom who sacrifices her much of herself to raise her family, the corporate fast-tracker who works long hours to make it to the top of her profession, the selfless giver who would rather do things for others than spend time and attention on herself, and the girl who struggles with self-image; who grew up never thinking she was pretty.

Contemporary Women’s Portraiture is designed specifically for you; designed to capture YOU at your best;  your inner light as the incredible woman you have always been. No matter who you are, or what defines you, you have something fabulous to share. This is your time to shine and feel beautiful! I would be honored to present you with images that reflect who you are to your family and friends… a beautiful soul who just needs to be reminded how special you are.

While our primary focus is women, we also include those special someones be they human or furry to include in the session or create one of their very own.

Headshot/Personal Branding Session

With the advent of the internet it’s impact on marketing the value of an amazing headshot cannot be overstated. Whether you are a corporate executive, a real estate agent, an actor/actress, small business owner, it is no longer a luxury but a necessity that the image you use to represent yourself to the world be one that you can be proud of. You are judged by the face you present to the world, and the image you use for your business card, your website, your instagram account or your profile picture on any of the social media sites, is crucial to establishing who you are and what you are all about.

Let us design a customized session for  you. Whether in the studio, your office, or on location we will provide you with an image that you will proudly display.


Private Event Coverage

As staff photographer for Society Social Calendar magazine, I have the privilege to photograph many local events making my contribution to “a sophisticated, photojournalistic legacy publication that reflects the heartbeat of the philanthropic community and the wonderful people who contribute their time and resources to our community.”

Covering a special event is one of the challenges we do best, whether it be a fashion show, grand-opening, private party, or fund-raiser… a professional photographer always adds to the occasion allowing you to provide a special touch for your guests.